Having to drive 75 mph on a 2 lane highway almost everyday definitely opens your eyes to the typical Arizona driver: drive 5 mph under the speed limit and sit in the left lane like it was a sightseeing tour. Driving slow in the left lane can cause just as much, if not, more accidents than driving faster in the right lane. My point is that you cannot trust anyone on the road. Not soccer moms, not a yuppie with a BMW, not even a priest on his way to the Vatican.

In a generation of modern technology such as the Ipod and cell phone, distractive driving is at all time high. It used to be enough to avoid the woman applying make-up while steering with her knees and going 70mph. Now you have to avoid the 17 year old texting their BFF’s (‘best friends forever’ for the texting illiterate) while they’re driving. You have to avoid the head banging punk rocker that is flipping through their IPod to see which of the latest tunes matches their current driving mood. You even have to look out for the boob tube junkie who has to have their fix of ‘General Hospital’ and is gazing at their in-dash 7” monitor. I think most parents would agree that our roads are little less safe than yester-year. Having said that, automobile technology has done a great job keeping up with the times.

The product I have had on my car for the past few weeks is called the “Super Bumper”. This is the ultimate peace of mind. It is extremely easy to attach and the latest model I have(see picture) is very sleek. All the extra distractions that I have mentioned above lead to a lot more accidents.

A lot more rear bumper to front bumper accidents. The Super Bumper is not only designed to save your bumper but to save your family’s lives! The only person you can trust on the road is yourself so why not protect you and your loved ones from the ‘distracted’ drivers. The best offense is defense. That’s what they say in the sports world but I think it applies to driving as well. Believe me, I am not a perfect driver and my patience for bad driving runs out rather quickly. For example, take the ‘bumper humper’ (someone who loves to drive 3 inches from your rear bumper). The Super Bumper allows that patience to exist a bit longer knowing that if someone is riding my tail, I don’t have to wait for them to pass me to mouth my opinions.

I also see potential for after market opportunities. The newly designed Super Bumper can also act as a marketing tool. I think it is a large enough scale to print some vinyl lettering to advertise anything you want. Whether it is your favorite sports team or, like my wife, your home-based business. I really love this product and it has taken a lot for me not to test it on an unsuspecting car that pushed my patience. Thank you, Superbumper, for that ultimate peace of mind!