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We get hundreds of product testimonials every year but here are a bunch of them that tell you what we’re all about.. These testimonials will tell you about our personality. About what our company stands for and why others have purchased them. When you order a product from us…you get our company too.

~Jeff Mohr, CEO, Mohr Mfg

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Hi Jeff: Hope all is well. Love the bumper and will send you some pics. I am going to the web site to order one for a friend. He is getting a new Dodge Ram. Regards, Reg Johnson.

Hi Jeff, Thanks for the follow up email. I think if I looked up “great service” in the dictionary, your picture would appear ! 🙂 I have the super bumper installed on my spanking new (want to keep it that way) Toyota FJ Cruiser. Looks great. Hope I never have to test it, but, by the looks of your product, it should stand me in good stead if ever the need arises. Cheers, Jim G.

Jeff, I love the bumper and have noticed an interesting side benefit, seems people can’t figure out what it is so they stay a little farther away from my rear bumper. It’s working better than expected. In the near future I plan to order a second one for my other vehicle. Thank you again and have a great day, Rob Gerhardt.

Hi Jeff, the “Spare/Super Bumper” went on without any problems. I’ve notice a lot of people kind of checking out this bumper while in traffic, I’ve also notice cars not pulling up so close behind me so it’s working! Thanks, John Begin.

Hello Jeff, Sending you some photos as requested of my new Silverado Pickup outfitted with your Super Bumper in black. I am a contractor and it seems that people within NY & NJ seem to park by the bump method. Since this is a new truck I thought this would be a great addition to keeping the vehicle as new looking as possible. It actually seems to be a visual deterrent as well because of its size since I have noticed people tend to park further away from me now. What sold me on the product was the other testimonials and warranty as well. Hopefully no one hits me from the rear at a greater speed, but knowing that this is there eases my mind. Thank you, Ivars Zekunde.

Dear Jeff: Enclosed are two pictures of the bumper on a 2013 Ram. Easy to install and remove for the trailer hitch. Thank you for a superior product and you have my permission to use the pictures however you want. Thank you for the hitch pin and the rubber license plate supports. Best regards for a prosperous 2014. Wm. E. Gibbon

Jeff: Looks good. Confidently awaiting my next ‘thump’! A real confidence builder for a 75 year old driver —I no go to bone yard, and car no go to junk yard! Ben Wileman.

Jeff was awesome to deal with. He was quick to deliver my bumper. I love it, it was exactly what I needed.. I have a 2014 Toyota Tacoma Prerunner and I feel I am much more protected. I was referred to him, from a friend and I would totally recommend him again…His products are very well made and sturdy. Thank you again. Have a blessed day. Nancy Posey

Jeff, I purchased this bumper for my son, and he absolutely loves it! It not only looks great on his truck, but he gets lots of looks, compliments, and questions about his Superbumper. He is definitely spreading the word! Thanks for this great product! Sincerely, Roy Oberhaus.

Hi Jeff, I’m very happy with the bumper. I’m a big fan of using Mad Max technology. LOL. A member of the forum suggested I cut my Pilot’s plastic hitch cover plate so it could still be used with your bumper. Well, I did just that and I think it looks great. Gives it a more refined look and makes it appear to be part of the original vehicle design. See attached photo, provided here for your use. Regards, Bill Cicio.

Hi Jeff, Love the product! Fits perfectly on my 2011 Yukon. Perfect shape to match the bumper cut out for tow hitch area. Beautifully manufactured… Very heavy duty and plenty strong… I’ve told about 10 people so far about your great product and suggested it to family members for their SUVs. I’ll shoot you some pictures ASAP. Thanks! Craig

My husband loved his Christmas present. Thanks for the great service! Yvonne Syto

Bumper is working SO GREAT ill be ordering the chrome one as well as soon as I arrive back from Canada , In my opinion PURCHASE OF THE DECADE for me…Derrick Underwood.

Hi Jeff, I installed the bumper on my wife’s X5, she loves it and the added security that it provides. My neighbor could not figure out until he called me about what I installed on my bumper. 🙂 Thank you for following-up. Greg Veksler

Hey Jeff…Just love the bumper…See so many trucks, SUV’s, etc with a receiver and no protection…Too bad for them…It looks real good on my Flex. Thanks. Cheers, Larry Olson

Hi Jeff, I am very happy wit the product. The most important part is my wife and I are feeling safer. Thank you, Erhan Dikel

Hello, Jeff: My bumper shield is working out wonderfully! It doesn’t rattle around or make any objectionable noise at all — even when going over bumpy railroad tracks. It is so solid and substantial in it’s “no-comprise” quality design and construction. Everything about it is built to last. In fact I will never own another car without getting a bumper-shield for it. Robert Milos

Jeff, See attached pics of my 2006 Dodge 1Ton. While I haven’t had any excitement with it several people have commented on it, and think it is a great item to have. Regards, Bob Millican

2007 Acura MDX, looks great and protects my vehicle. Thank You. Great product. Andres Borges

HI Jeff I think the bumper is wonderful, excellent construction and fits my FJ Cruiser perfectly. I am also so impressed that you would email me to follow-up after the sale. Well done, what excellent service! I will be sure to spread the word. Regards Jose Segal

Jeff, Thanks for an excellent product. Anyone following me or at a stop light really backs off the rear of my Ford now, that alone is worth the cost of the “Superbumper”. Bruce Bender

Hi Jeff, I had to print out a half dozen copies of your web site home page. People were asking me what it was in parking lots and it was easier to just give them the web site page. Hope they all ordered! It’s an attention getter for guys, especially in the auto parts store parking lot. I think I could sell a dozen of them if I just stayed at Advance Auto Parts all day Saturday when they’re busy. Thanks for writing.. good to hear from you. Best, Bill Hartzman

Jeff Thanks for caring enough to follow up. The bumper installation went without a hitch…pun intended. The product was as I expected. I had already been hit in the rear of my 2008 Saturn Outlook. Merry Christmas and a prosperous New Year to you and Jan and all your loved ones. Regards, Peter Reiser

I have them on all of my RAM trucks (3) and now I wouldn’t pull out of the driveway without it. Len Bloom, Hunt Station, NY

Jeff: Thank you. Believe it or not, having the ability to have a SB is a factor in my decision regarding a future vehicle. I will always be a customer using a SB on one vehicle or another. Thanks. Phil Goss, Coral Gables, FL

Hello Jeff. The Bumper Shield is fantastic. Makes you wonder why no one thought of it sooner. Simple, strong, effective, looks great. What more could you ask for. Although I don’t have a testimonial of use to send you (thankfully), I do have what I think is equally important and that is that I have found a very high quality product made incredibly well, built to last, at a great price, made by a great company built of great people that are customer centric and timely in the shipping of their product. Companies with those qualities for all intensive purposes simply don’t exist anymore. You might get one but never all. It’s nice to see I’ve been proven wrong with your company and product. I hope others follow your lead as we certainly need more of that in this country. I certainly wish you continued success. Many thanks. Dean Paulus, Manchester, NH

Hi Jeff, The bumper is working great…Thank you for coming up with this product. I am going to print out some info from your website and post it at my work, in case people are interested in where to get one. Dave Mason, Spokane, WA

I’ve noticed a huge difference in the way folks follow my truck now. There is no doubt that they are hanging way back and I love it. Hopefully they will never hit it, but it’s large and so noticeable it’s like having a Nuclear Hazmat sign on the back of my Yukon. Recently, I had one case where someone was flying up behind me, slammed on the brakes and then they suddenly changed lanes to avoid Mr. Superbumper. Mike Singleton, Clifton, VA

Funny story, I was driving the other day and my pointer had his head out the driver side rear window. A white Ram pulled up next to me and I’m used to people commenting on my dog, but when I rolled down my window, he asked “Where’d you get that hitch, I want one!” I told him Superbumper before he pulled off. I was concerned with aesthetics before buying, but seems like people are liking the looks and I certainly feel better about having it back there. Regards, Jeff Castina, Durham, NC

Jeff,  Hello again. I wanted to tell you that I got the bumper and now have it installed. Thank you very much for the excellent product and service that I have received from you. I have attached a couple of pictures of it on my Jeep.  In calling your 1-800 number, I never thought I would be speaking with “the guy in charge”. I am extremely pleased that this is made right here in the U.S.A.. I can’t express enough what a genius device I believe this to be.  Joe Temple, South Dakota, retired military

I love the bumper and feel safer knowing it’s on with my teenager starting to drive. Jill Van Vestrout, Endwell, NY

Thank you SO much for such a wonderful and badly needed product at a reasonable price. In my opinion, it’s an essential piece of safety equipment in today’s whacko-driver world! Best, Chuck Reaney, Media, PA

Jeff, you are the best! I found out about your product from someone who had the bumper on their truck. I went to ask them about the bumper and they directed me to your website. This is payback to all the tailgaters and cell phone people that run up on the back of me on on my commute to work everyday. Truck drivers get no respect in Houston. More orders are on the way…..I am telling all of my family members and friends about your product. Joe E. Stephens, III

Hey Jeff, Bumper is on and looks great and I like the peace of mind it gives me when I see someone coming up behind me going a little too fast. Steffen Kuronen

Got it yesterday and am VERY happy with it. Your bumper attracts loads of attention. Everyone loves it. I give them your web site and hope they give you some business. Going trout fishing in Arkansas soon, and will send you some pics of your bumper with the White River in the background. Norris Marceaux

I posted those same pics to the sprinter-source forum just after I sent them to you. I put them on an existing Super Bumper thread. They oughta be happy! John

Hi Jeff. We installed our new fantastical SpareBumper this morning and love how it looks on our truck [see pictures attached]. This gives us peace-of-mind in knowing that we’re better protected, should we be impacted in a rear-end collision. We’re hoping to send business your way! Thanks a bunch. Jayne and Eddie Castillanes

Thanks Jeff. I feel better now that I have my Jeep “Armored”. Robert Motley, Boston, GA

Hi Jeff, Yes I did receive the bumper on Friday and even installed it in the pouring rain it just looked so good. I have got a lot of people asking about it and have mentioned your website. Earl Lautenschlager

Hey Jeff, Here’s some pictures of the bumper on that Jeep. It turned out great! Thanks, Nicole Varga

Jeff, Great product… It went on easily and does not rattle like the other one(s). Thanks. Laurence (idzine4u)

Jeff, Here are some pics on the 2009 Odessey. My wife was happy to have the extra protection. Thanks, Rick Stewart, Palm Beach Gardens, FL

Hi Jeff, The bumper is installed and looks great! I love the idea of having a step, bumper, and trailer ball on the same unit. It’s very convenient because I can leave it on all the time to protect my vehicle and passengers, use it to pull my boat or utility trailer, and use it as a step on my Sprinter van camper conversion, which is somewhat high to climb into when camping. Thanks so much. Nolan Louie, Castro Valley, CA

Hi Jeff, The Super Bumper is great. I bought it for my husband for his birthday and he installed it last night. He has been talking about it for a few months since watching the video on your site. My husband is a big safety guy and is really happy to finally have this on his truck. Grace Dupont

Hi Jeff…just installed your bumper and love it. Can’t wait for cars to park in back of me… Joe

Hi Jeff: We want to thank you again for your excellent product! We are very pleased! If you ever sell Grille Guards-Bull Guards we would like to know!! ….Thanks again, Blessings to all of you! Bob and Maria Magness

Dear Mr. Mohr: I received and installed the bumper and locking hitch pin this past weekend. Looks well made and the installation instructions were very easy to follow. Hoping I’ll never have to see just how well it works, but very appreciative for both the additional piece of mind and the affordable price of your product. Sincerely, Robert Celestino

Jeff, Thanks for the email, I did receive the bumper and think that it is fantastic. You do an excellent job at customer service, keep up the good work. Thanks, Brad Frameli

Jeff, attached, are some photos of my Jeep with the spare bumper installed. My jeep is lifted 3.5 inches so the gas tank is more exposed than normal. You may have a marketing angle for Jeep Cherokee and Grand Cherokee owners as the trucks’ poor design has a plastic gas tank hanging down between the bumper and the axle. The design is being reviewed by the NHTSA for a potential recall to millions of jeeps because of potential for puncture and explosion in an accident. I decided not to wait for a recall and installed your product to protect from rear-end collision and under riders. Thanks for a great product. Chris Durren

Jeff; Got it, Hey thank you!!!!!! AWESOME, thanks for all the extra stuff, WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! CHRISTOPHER CATO

Hi Jeff, I received the bumper and have installed it. It is great! I bought it because I was rear-ended three weeks ago by a car that slammed into my hitch. Now I am dealing with a very severe whiplash injury and I never want this to happen again. Your bumper gives me some needed piece of mind, so thank you! I have had lots of people ask me about the bumper, so hopefully that gets you some more business from up north. Cheers, Spencer Wood


Hi Jeff, I got the Super Bumper this weekend and mounted it up yesterday! It’s a fabulous unit. I’ve attached a few pics. I put a strip of reflecting tape on it as an extra precaution. Thanks, James Watts

I can’t wait to show my wife. She will want one for her car. Very impressive product… I’ll try to send you pictures of my Lexus Rx 350. Your are proof that capitalism works!!!!!!. Thanks again. Lewis Larson, USMC

Love the bumper, Jeff. Solid and looks great. Passing the word whenever I am asked… Frank Richards.

Jeff, I love the bumpers. First class workmanship… I’ve received many compliments. Chance Shane West

Hi Jeff, so far it has protected me – from me. I have backed into a light standard and a tree. No damage to either the Superbumper or my truck. Thanks, Ron Farr

AWESOME!!! Jody Butler

Hi Jeff, I accidentally backed into a concrete wall one time and my truck was not damaged as a result. I get comments about the shield on a regular basis and I always tell people what the device is for and why I bought it. Regards, David A. Wilson

Jeff, I have had the Superbumper for about a year now and its saved at least 3 repaints on the bumper. Well worth the investment and when my neighbor saw it he bought one too. Jerald Friedman

Jeff, Thank goodness I have not been hit but the bumper has been has been great. The thing I like the most is “piece of mind”. If I do get hit I know I am protected. Mike Hey

Jeff, The bumper is working out great. We now have them on both of our cars. Great product… Thanks. James McKnight

Jeff, I’m more than satisfied with the bumper and will be ordering another one soon. Also you may have a market with Jeepers so they can keep from have their spare tire pushed in if they are rear ended. Thanks, Jason Betz

Jeff, I put safety reflective tape on my bumper and have found that drivers (especially young driver) are trying to figure out what is protruding beyond my bumper and increase the distance behind me. I have also had young race drivers speed up behind me to ride my bumper and then realize I have a protective devise installed and then they back off or go around. I do feel less afraid of other driver’s poor driving skills knowing that I have a little extra protection on my vehicle. Norm Weigel

Hey Jeff – hope all is well and thanks for the lock and bumper guards. The product is first rate and is obviously high quality. For my daily ride on New York’s Belt Parkway, it’s a must……Jerry Matiatos

Thanks for the follow up Jeff. It’s a great looking bumper and very well made. I was impressed with the packaging, directions, additional spacers and the locking pin. You do a nice job for your customers. Scott Mullens

I have noticed when I’m at a stop light the people do not get as close as they did before while stopped. Jerry Riley, Federal Heights, CO

The Bumper is working great. The product is far superior to any of your competitors, it is well designed and solidly constructed. Regards. Rob Thomson, Oakville, Ontario

You know, the vehicle manufacturers should have your design incorporated into their bumpers. Doug Oliver, Morgantown, WV

I love it, it gives me a sense of security in my daily commute in bumper-to-bumper traffic! I don’t worry as much about being rear-ended! Kevin Buickerood, Dallas, TX

We love our bumper. We were rear ended a few months back and bought the bumper for added protection in the future for our Ford Expedition. Well worth the piece of mind. Thanks again. Brian Carrick, Patchogue, NY

Hi from Frank in Canada. Bought my 2nd bumper for my 38 foot 5th wheel R.V. Looks great and sure protects the back of a R.V.. More Trailers and 5th wheels should have this bumper. Frank Wetelainen, Dryden, Ontario

Jeff: The Superbumper looks awesome. Miguel Acosta, Hartsdale, NY

Hi Jeff, I will send you some pics of the F150 platinum. I had a bunch of guys in our hunting camp this weekend I could have sold 15 of them if I had them. Alan Collins, Roswell, GA

Jeff, Here are photos of the Superbumper on my Ford Raptor. My previous Sparebumper saved my bumper recently when I backed into a tree that overtook me in a parking lot! I was planning to upgrade to a Superbumper version so I could quit changing out a ball mount to tow. I would recommend everyone choose a Superbumper in the first place. I’m a fan, and often recommend Superbumpers to Ford Raptor fans. Best regards, Dr. Robert G. Ketchum, Coeur d Alene, ID

Hi Jeff, The bumper is gorgeous. I LOVE it. George Sims, Pennsville, NJ

Thanks for a superior product. Bruce MacLean, Charlotte Hall, MD

So far so good, it looks great and I have had a number of people ask me about it. Thankfully for me, I don’t have a testimonial for you yet! Hershel Jones, Garland, TX

Jeff, I am really happy with the bumper. Steve J. Kapp, USAF, Retired, Grove, OK

Thanks Jeff for the follow up. I’m very pleased with my Superbumper and my wife really loves it on her truck. I will take pictures today and send them to u. Again thanks so much. Very satisfied customer… Keith & Rebecca Glaze, Bessemer City, NC

Jeff, we made it back to La Paz BCS Mexico without any issues. We had lots of folks looking at the bumper with enthusiasm. We definitely feel a lot better knowing that we have that added protection. Thanks. Warren Jorgenson, Montevideo, MN

Jeff, I now drive with comfort knowing someone who is tailgating me won’t damage my new truck if they hit me! Scott Lane, New Boston, MI

Oh, the Shield is great! I am getting a lot of attention from other SUV owners and am spreading the word. If it claims to do what it does (I believe it just by looking at it) then indeed this hitch protector is a great investment for the safety of my family. We all feel a more confident as we drive in our Chevy truck. Feel free to use my pics. Thanks! Dmitry Belenky

Hey Jeff everything is great, the bumper has been quite a deterrent for people getting too close. And it is as durable as ever. Great product thanks for checking back with me. Shawn Hosea

Jeff I must say Superbumper makes a bold statement on my 2010 Navigator. People often stop me in Manhattan and ask me where did I get this bumper protector. This is my second purchase from you this unit looks great and real protector unlike other products that I see there. I will send you a picture of it soon on my SUV. Thanks again, Mikhail Libin

Dear Jeff. The Superbumper I got was a gift for my brother-in-law, for his 2009 Honda Pilot He is extremely happy with it. And as an uncle, I felt I did my part to safeguard my nieces. My brother-in-law is in the hospitality industry and he says Celine Dion’s personal driver also has one on his SUV. That’s good enough for me. Thanks. Wing Wong
Hi Jeff – I purchased 2 XL’s a couple years ago – 1 black, and 1 chrome. Both great products. The chrome looks like new, but I have to admit it is attached to a Trailblazer SS that is a garage queen. I have had a few folks ask about the Shield, and I provided them all the info – hopefully it resulted in sales for you. Scott Stephens

Hi Jeff I really like the bumper. In fact, within a month or so of mounting it on my Jeep Liberty CRD, it was put into service. I was stopped at a traffic light (first in line) and a guy was doing something else behind me and bumped into my rear end. No damage to anyone, he was all apologies, but – and you know the Liberties – serious damage likely would have resulted to MY car. For sure, the spare tire would have been hit, likely crunching the rear door that it’s mounted on, and probably hitting the plastic “bumper” Chrysler puts on it. So, I figure it has saved me the cost of buying it already. Terry Clopper

Hello Jeff, My bumper is installed and waiting for the chance to work. I hope it never happens. I wish you the best with your products as they are excellent safety items. Doug Matthews

Jeff, I like your S-bumper very much. 1. it is cool; is safe; is stylish. Andriy Pushkar

My brother loves the shield. He doesn’t have to worry people trying to squeeze in a parking spot and hitting his truck while in NY. Thanx. Omar Valentin

Thanks Jeff…put my bar on today…looks tuff…really cool bar. Sent couple picture…cheers. Rick Williams

Jeff, we have put out the word to our friends about your product. I get questions about the bumper all the time. I can only wish you success as the production can save lives and property damage. Don Hennig PE.

Jeff, Received the package yesterday. Looks great!  Put it on my Sprinter in about 30 seconds without a problem. Thanks for the quick service. Harry Hingst

Jeff, I love the Superbunper its a great addition to my truck and ill never give it up. I’m going to be buying another within the next couple of months to replace this one, probably going to going to upgrade to a super bumper with ball hitch. A lot of my friends at one time considered it a “Sissy hitch” but once I informed them of all the technical aspects and engineering that was involved with the unit they cant believe what the bumper can do needless to say the “Sissy hitch” has gone and its now called its proper name, a Superbumper. William Minnucci II

Jeff: The bumper looks great on the truck and I’ve already noticed most vehicles staying back an extra half car length in traffic. I certainly hope I don’t have to send you a testimonial someday but it’s a great feeling knowing that I have increased protection where it counts! Most of my coworkers drive trucks here in South Florida and many of those have trailer hitches. After seeing my Spare Bumper you can expect to see more orders from the West Palm Beach area. Thanks for a great product! Sincerely, Ed Morrisroe

Hi Jeff, Bumper is great… I was hoping to get you a photo when the car was clean, but this is a start. Thanks again. Dan Uress, Chicago, IL

Hello Jeff, Thanks for writing! The Superbumper is working out well. Today, around 1:00 pm a domestic sedan vehicle around the size of a Ford Taurus hit the Superbumper at about 10 MPH or so, dead on. There was a slight jolt in the cabin, and the vehicle’s front bumper was wedged about 6″ or so underneath the Superbumper. No police report was filed because it only left scratches! Please see attached photo of the Superbumper on a 2012 Toyota Tundra double cab 4x4 BEFORE the accident. Thanks, Marc Nabors, Birmingham, AL

Thanks again for making a great product in this country! John Cerone, Belleville, MI

I really like the Super Bumper a lot-it makes me feel better about parking on the street and driving in traffic-now! Margaret Cote, Dorchester, MA

Attached please find a few of the latest pictures. If you have business cards and a sales brochure please send my way as I am the US Government and always like selling. Cheers, Paul Faupel, Arnold, MD

Jeff, Fantastic product, well built, and very nice looking! I have started my review thread on TundraGeeks with pictures and information. Very nice! Greg Brzykcy, Menifee, CA

Hi Jeff. Love the bumper and might have a couple guys at work looking to get one. Robert Moreau, Lunenburg, MA

Jeff, we finally had some decent weather today and I had some time so I got both of my bumpers installed – on a Dodge Ram 2500 and the other on a Jeep Grand Cherokee. The bumpers look great and I am very happy to have them on my vehicles. I hope I never get to send you a testimonial but should the bumper come into play you will be among the first to know. Thanks for a great product and great service. My best, Lloyd Painter, Greenville, KY

Jeff, the bumper I great and it was so easy to install. I attached some pictures of my F150. I appreciate your effort to send the bumper on time. Regards, Manuel Padilla, Monterrey, Mexico

I’ m very happy with the quality of my Superbumper, I have been telling and showing it to all my friends. Karl Blom, Camano Island, WA

Hey Jeff…Great product. Everyone has been impressed when they see it. Stephen Dellinger, Lanham, MD

The bumper is awesome. Leonard Ruiz, Chino, CA

Jeff, I have the bumper mounted on my 07 Itasca Navion motor home and plan to send photos. I’m a member, moderator and owner of a number of Yahoo RV groups and plan to spread the word as soon as I get photos taken and posted. Thanks for the excellent product, Byron Johnson, Woodside, CA

Great product! Installation was easy with the provided instructions. Thankfully, it hasn’t been tested yet, but it seems strong and with the compression on the installation, it’s absolutely quiet. No rattles. I think I’m generating some customers for you! The only guy who didn’t like it was concerned about what it would do to his little hybrid car if he hit me. I just said, “Well don’t hit me!” Again, thanks so much for making a great, unique product. Roger Bohnke, Yorktown, VA

Hi Jeff, attached please find a couple photos of my ’54 Chevy Pickup (modified), with your bumper proudly attached. BTW, I don’t mind if you leave my license plate showing… your choice. All the Best, Page Erickson, Goleta, CA