Jeff Mohr – CEO Mohr Mfg & Rear End Collision Expert

Jeff is CEO of Mohr Mfg is an expert in rear end collisions involving vehicles equipped with receiver hitches.

He is available on an individual consulting basis and has a Step by Step “Defense Package” tailored to attorneys that specialize in personal injury…

He has spent over 16 years studying how a receiver hitch affects the outcome of a rear end collision. But don’t take our word for it…


This FREE Summary – available to download – will…

Prove How Collisions To Vehicles Equipped With Receiver Hitches Hide Damage and Increase Whiplash Risk!

His information includes:

Receiver Hitch Secrets That No One Wants To Tell You About …


  • How A Receiver Hitch Affects Whiplash.
  • How Static Receiver Hitch Products Like Ball Mounts, Tow Bars, Bike Racks, Cargo Carriers and Hitch Steps Add To The Affect Of Whiplash.
  • How Rear End Collisions Affect Occupant Acceleration.
  • How Much Force Can A Receiver Hitch Take And How It Affects Vehicle Damage.
  • Why Accessing Rear End Damage On A Vehicle With A Receiver Hitch Has No Bearing On Occupant Injuries.
  • How Over-Ride And Under-Ride Affect Whiplash On Vehicles Equipped With Tow Bars.
  • An Impact Video That Proves HOW Receiver Hitches Hide Damage.
  • Documentation supporting the above video.

Testimonial 1

To Whom It May Concern:

I do plaintiff’s personal injury work in Hawaii. I had a difficult case that involved a client who was rear ended while he was driving a Chevy Blazer. The Blazer had virtually no damage to its rear end, and the insurance carrier had hired a hot shot biomechanical engineer to say that, given the minimal damage to the Blazer, that no one in the Blazer could have been hurt because the g-forces were so small, etc.

In researching the matter on the internet, I came across Jeff Mohr’s website, ( and contacted him.

I was a total stranger who just contacted Jeff out of the blue and he was very generous with his time and insights on the case, and pointed out to me that my Blazer would have had a factory-installed tow hitch (that extended beyond the bumper).

He then walked me through engineering aspects of how the tow hitch would deliver the crash energy to the occupants, rather than the vehicle, and found some crash tests videos to show to the arbitration panel.

Due in large part to Jeff’s input, the award was very satisfactory. I would not hesitate to ask him to look at any other case I get that involves similar issues.

Jim Leavitt – Attorney – Hawaii

Superbumper - World's Only Crash Tested Receiver Hitch Step that Absorbs Impact up to 30 MPH!

Testimonial 2

To Whom It May Concern:

I am a personal injury attorney in Erie, Pennsylvania. I was recently handling a case for a client who was rear ended at low speed, resulting in a herniated disc in her neck. The impact was videotaped (police car dash cam) and clearly showed the defendant’s car under-riding my client’s Toyota 4 Runner, resulting in no visible damage because the impact was to my client’s receiver hitch.

The national insurance company representing the defendant denied that the accident could have caused the herniated disc. After several years of litigation, an attorney directed me to Jeff’s website and I called Jeff. He was very friendly and immediately demonstrated a thorough knowledge of the effect of a receiver hitch on low impact accidents.

After talking with Jeff and reviewing his information package, I hired him as an expert in my case. He wrote a very well documented report, supporting his opinions with data from bio-mechanical and mechanical engineering studies and crash tests from the IIHS.

He concluded that the impact to the receiver hitch produced a more significant “crash pulse” because the hitch was bolted directly to the frame and at the same time prevented significant sheet metal damage. He opined that the impact was sufficient to cause my client’s injury, a conclusion supported by my expert neurosurgeon. Shortly after I filed his report, the insurance company reversed itself and paid its policy limits.

Jeff was the perfect fit for my case, and I am convinced that his report was a major factor in getting the right result for my client. I would highly recommend Jeff and his information packet to any attorney facing the same issues.

Very truly yours,

John McCandless’ Quinn, Buseck, Leemhuis, Toohey & Kroto, Inc.

Testimonial 3
Jeff: I have used your information in several cases, but I honestly cannot recall specifically which one prompted me to contact you. Every time I have used it, the claim has ultimately settled without trial.

As you know, the “Minimal Impact, Soft Tissue Injury” defense (MIST) is often used by insurance adjusters and defense lawyers alike to minimize insurance settlement/verdict value, and when there is a heavy steel hitch or receiver taking the brunt of the impact, as opposed to the vehicle itself, there is usually not much, if any, visual damage.

This, of course, leads to the “MIST” argument, which is difficult to counter since there is no visual physical evidence to contradict it. But your packet of documentation certainly goes a long way in showing that the lack of visible damage to the vehicle does not necessarily translate to “minimal impact” when there is a hitch involved.


Attorney at Law
Kenneth City, FL 33709

Superbumper - World's Only Crash Tested Receiver Hitch Step that Absorbs Impact up to 30 MPH!

His information includes:

More Quick Tidbits And Receiver Hitch Secrets That No One Wants To Tell You About …


  • 75% of all rear end collisions are less than 10 mph and 95% are less than 25 mph.
  • On frame railed vehicles like pickup trucks, auto manufacturers don’t want any “global buckling of the frame” at speeds less than 35 mph. So that pretty much leaves out so called “crumple zones” in a rear end collision.
  • 48% of the people that hit you in the rear – are not slowing down.
  • The Federal Bumper Standard requiring 2.5 mph bumpers (used to be 5 mph) only applies to passenger cars. Pickup trucks, SUVs and Mini Vans do not apply.
  • Low speed rear end collisions (less than 10 mph) accentuate the whiplash more than high speed ones.
  • 80% of all rear end collisions are caused by driver inattention.
  • The acceleration of the head when hit from the rear is 2.5 times that of the bullet vehicle.
  • 94% of all rear end collisions occur on straight roads.
  • Women are twice as likely to end up with a whiplash injury as a man.
  • The Insurance Institute For Highway Safety (IIHS) removes all receiver hitches before they do any rear crash testing – because receiver hitches reduce the amount of vehicle damage.
  • Approximately 40% of the vehicles on the highway today have a receiver hitch.

Knowing How Receiver Hitches Effect Rear End Collisions Will Help You Litigate Low Speed Rear End Collision Injuries Involving Whiplash.

We email it to you so you’ll have everything within 48 hours – and you can use it for future cases. Plus, we include you on our web site with our growing list of attorney’s that have won using this information…we haven’t lost a case yet!

This written summary will save you hundreds of hours of research – even if you knew what you were looking for.

Knowing How Receiver Hitches Effect Rear End Collisions Will Help You Litigate Low Speed Rear End Collision Injuries Involving Whiplash.

Low-impact crash cases are becoming increasingly more complex and harder to prove.

NOTE: I am available as an expert witness and have been asked many times to appear. But with this defense package I have never had to come. This summary will save your firm the cost of airline tickets, hotel accommodations, and hourly fees typically charged by other expert witnesses. Jeff

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Testimonial: “Hi Jeff: Your Summary and documentation is pure gold.
Thank you for your professional and thorough work.”
Jim Conrady

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