Ok…so check this out.  Yesterday I was driving by a local high school, which happened to be getting out, and I was stopped at a light in front of it and I get rear ended by some punk high school 16 year old, but I was fine because I had one of these things on my trailer hitch- It’s called a Superbumper, well actually I have the Sparebumper, notice the rubber which absorbed all the impact from the car that hit.

A while back I was looking for a hitch step, since I probably wont ever tow anything with my TB (Trail Blazer), and I thought this thing was a good idea so I got it, LOL (Lots of Luck) thank god, the kid that hit me was fine, the thing dented his front though, and of course my car was completely fine…so yeah GET ONE! You never know.  And for the guys that do a lot of towing they have a model that has a ball hitch on it.