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Mohr Manufacturing's Superbumper can take a hit and haul a load without breaking a sweat
photo courtesy Mohr Manufacturing
Here’s a bumper that’s a step, if you will, more utilitarian than many others. The Superbumper is one of those infrequently seen accessories for light trucks and a variety of SUVs that blends a number of aesthetic and functional attributes into a single component.

All of the impact barriers produced by Superbumper, of Burnsville, Minnesota, incorporate a ball hitch as part of their step-bumper design. The products of Superbumper, however, also incorporate a longitudinally mounted compression spring mounted on a shaft, which allows the bumper to absorb a 5-mph impact with a pole without damage to either the bumper or the host vehicle. It’s rated at Class III and Class IV with towing capacities of up to 6,000 pounds, fits any vehicle with a two-inch receiver and is vertically adjustable.

The producer, Mohr Manufacturing, says that the Superbumper is the only such device to successfully pass the Insurance Institute of Highway Safety’s pole-impact test. It’s also illuminated. Prices vary from $179.95 to $289.95, depending on application and finish. For information, give a ring to 952-882-8800, or check out www.superbumper.com.

- By Jim Donnelly


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