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About Us
Mohr Manufacturing, Inc.

Saving someone from serious injury is a very rewarding experience... and we do it every day.

Ever since we found out that any vehicle equipped with a receiver hitch for towing creates a stiffer "crash pulse" increasing the risk of whiplash by 22%, we set out to make hitch products that reduce this risk. 

It's been proven by the mechanical engineering firm Chalmers and it's been upheld in court.

"If your receiver hitch products are not crash tested and energy absorbing - we didn't make them."

Jeff & Janet Mohr / Mohr Mfg / Since 2001

Safety When You're Towing & Protection When You're Not...That's What We're Really All About!

Dear Jeff: 

You are not going to believe it.  Going down crowded 9th Street in Cleveland traffic came to an abrupt stop.  I hit my brakes and glanced at my rear view mirror to see a Honda Element bear down on me and then crash. 

I really thought I was going to hit the Taurus in front of me and did what I had to do to stop.  The police officer estimated the impact speed at 10 mph but said it was probably higher. 

The Honda was dripping what appeared to be transmission fluid.  I did see a radiator or tranny cooler busted apart.  It is a shame the lady's car got damaged but I don't need another $2,000 frame repair.

My Jeep Cherokee Sport was struck squarely in the center of its Class III trailer hitch about four months ago by a Scion XB (the box) in stop and go traffic and sustained $2,000 worth of frame damage, a broken hitch and badly misaligned doors. 

Personally, I had to undergo six weeks of physical therapy for neck and lower back injuries.  I am a commuter who happens to be an engineer and after this accident, I researched the internet for a product that could help me reduce personal pain and property damage should a similar accident occur in the future.

Today I had the Jeep checked out by the body shop that repaired it a short time ago and after tirelessly looking for damage for a claim, the body shop owner found nothing. My Jeep sustained $0, zero damage.  Wow. His comment was, "that thing really worked!"  "It did its job".

The guy looked for straightness and crawled underneath.  He said he knew exactly how the Jeep looked after he was done with it (from the last Scion accident) and he could see nothing that had been changed.  I think it would have been in his financial interest to find something but he found nothing.  I am very OK with this although I thought there would be maybe a little damage.  I was shocked.

I am also significantly less banged up.  I am still fighting paperwork from the last accident and the hassle of estimates, losing use of a vehicle for a week, etc, is miserable.  Plus, you feel like crap and six weeks of physical therapy took a lot of my time. 

The Superbumper was bent and scratched.  My Jeep didn't even have the road salt knocked off.  The Honda had its grille and radiator taken out.  Personally, this time I slept well last night.  A little stiff today but thousands in personal injury and property damage was avoided.

I am totally amazed how two almost identical accidents with nearly the same size and weight vehicles hitting the same Jeep resulted in such different outcomes. 

Thank you Superbumper and thank you Jeff! 

 Al Wilson, Cleveland, OH


The Safest Receiver Hitch Products…In The World!


 Mohr Manufacturing, Inc.
1319 Larc Industrial Blvd
Burnsville, MN 55337


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