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Crash Tested Receiver Hitch Step Reduces Rear End Collision Bumper Damage and Whiplash.

STOP Tailgaters And Texting Drivers On Contact!

Crash Attenuators Protect Your...
                 Family From Whiplash...
                             Vehicle From Damage...
                                          Insurance From Rising...

Withstands Impacts Over 30 mph!

Dear Jeff:  I was taking my now 4 month old son and our dog for a ride this afternoon when I was rear ended by a car going 30 miles per hourI barely felt the impact and neither my son (he was checked out at the hospital to make sure) or dog seemed to be impacted by the collision. 

When I examined my truck, there was not even a scratch on the bumper.  I wanted to thank you for the quality of the product and the fact that it did what was advertised.  Sincerely,  Dr. Timmothy Brusseau, Brockport, NY

Engineered To Protect The Occupants!
The rear end collision is the most frequent vehicle accident and tailgating and texting are the top 2 reasons you'll end up in one.  The results of that stupidity for you are vehicle damage, whiplash, higher insurance rates and a Car Fax report devaluing your vehicle - and no matter what you do, you cannot stop them.

If you have a vehicle equipped with a receiver hitch you already know how strong it is and it will prevent some of your vehicle damage in a rear end collision...
But a receiver hitch alone can only protect your vehicle: here's why...

Why Other Receiver Hitch Products Cannot Protect Your Family...

All receiver hitch products (like the ones shown above) were built for a specific purpose; carrying, stepping, hauling, towing, recovery, etc... NONE Were Engineered for Occupant Protection!
Consequently anything else you pin into your receiver hitch that is not energy absorbing (like the products above) will simply move this whiplash problem toward the bullet vehicle.  The danger - women and children are already 3 times more likely to get injured from whiplash then men because their necks are not as strong.  They don't need the additional whiplash risk created by a receiver hitch.

The Whiplash Risk No One Wants To Tell You About.
When passenger cars rear end your higher riding pickup truck or SUV they don't hit your bumper - they hit your receiver hitch.  That transfers all of the crash energy directly to your frame and occupants increasing your risk of whiplash by 22% because there's NO give.... (click the link to check the study)
Worse Yet - The Insurance Company
Adding Insult To Injury
Because receiver hitches are so strong they prevent vehicle damage.  And although you may think that is a good thing big problems arise if someone in your vehicle gets injured.  The insurance company will access your vehicle damage and say:  "No Damage - No Injury".  Now you'll need an attorney and you'll be waiting 3-5 years for compensation - if you win that is.  That's why we have a section on this web site for attorneys.

The SECRET To Fixing The Problem...

Soften The "Crash Pulse".  Our attenuators gradually decelerate the "bullet" vehicle to protect the frame of the vehicle and the occupants from injury.  But don't take our word for it.  Read the 60+ "crash" testimonials below.  But now you can use the strength of your receiver hitch to your advantage.

'Peace Of Mind' Everyday You Drive!

“I couldn’t be happier with this bumper!  I was in a bad car accident a year ago and this gives me such peace of mind.  I’ve noticed drivers keeping their distance!”   Kim Ostenberg, FL


Tired Of Looking In The Rear View Mirror Hoping They'll STOP?  FEAR NO MORE!

Bookmark our site now

You Can Also Call 800-852-6752 To Order.

SPAREBUMPER "Safety Bumper"

Crash certified, shock absorbing impact attenuator...Our most popular model.

SPAREBUMPER Model SP424 Available in black or stainless steel.

FREE 5/8" Hitch Pin (not locking) + Bumper Buffers With Every Sparebumper!  ($10 Value)

"I must say, your product is one of the best products I have purchased (esp. for the price) as an aftermarket product.  I believe I received more product than what I paid.  I wish that was the case with all aftermarket vendors.  Thanks for a great product...Best bang for the buck!  John Canfield

 Model SP424 List Price Sale




Stainless $229.95 $199.95

Model SP424 is a 4 inch tube style impact attenuator 24" in length.

Applications: Any vehicle with a 2" receiver hitch.

The safety of swapping your ball mount when you get done towing for one of these crash attenuators / bumper guards far outweighs the consequences.

If you have back up sensors see our chart.

This patented crash certified attenuator reduces damage and the risk of whiplash by softening the "crash pulse".

424 Sparebumper / Crash Attenuator
Works on any vehicle with a 2" receiver hitch.

FROM A COP:  "I honestly believe the Superbumper saved my Life"...Richard Levenson, NYPD

You Can Also Call 800-852-6752 To Order

Bumper Shield / Whiplash Cover "Safety Hitch Cover & Bumper Guard"

  Not Another Cheezy Plastic Hitch Cover or Bumper!
Questions? Contact us now!

Bumper Shield on a Ford Expediton.      (Decal not included)

FREE 5/8" Hitch Pin (not locking) + Bumper Buffers With Every Shield. ($10 Value)

Jeff, I'm really happy with your Shield.  It looks like it was custom made for my Tahoe!  Marco Barrancos, Elmhurst, NY

 Shield Mag  List Price  Sale
 Black  $159.95  $139.95
Shield XL25

The Bumper Shield Magnum fit 2" receiver hitches. The XL25 fits 1 1/4" receiver hitches.

The Magnum hitch cover is 20" wide by 6" high 3/8" thick steel plate.

The XL25 hitch covers are 16" wide by 6" high 3/8" thick steel plate.

They only stick out 4" beyond your receiver hitch. Check our back up alarm chart.

You Can Also Call 800-852-6752 To Order.

Bumper Shield On A Jeep Grand Cherokee

In 2002 the IIHS smashed a 2 ton vehicle traveling 5 mph into an 130 ton, immovable, concrete and steel faced barrier - and the vehicle had NO damage!  So where do you think all the crash energy went?  Well, right into the receiver hitch.

Lifetime Crash Warranty!
These patented (6,896,303) crash attenuators can be smashed over and over again and if they bend, break or bust from a rear end collision - at any speed - we'll replace them absolutely FREE.


You Can Also Call 800-852-6752 to Order.

 See all of our added options now!

The Safest Receiver Hitch Products...In The World!

Protects your family, vehicle and insurance the other 99% of the time when you're not towing from the two most frequent vehicle accidents:

Bump This!

Hit While Parked & the Rear End Collision.

 Crash Tested - Energy Absorbing

"Absolutely ingenious...a fantastic product."  Tom Torbjornsen - America's Car Show

 Crash Tested
 Softens The "Crash Pulse"
 Energy Absorbing
 Reduces Whiplash
 Shields The "Tank Zone"
 Blocks Dangerous Under-Ride
 Inside Compression System
 Reduces Occupant Acceleration
 Outside Compression System
 Saves Your Deductible
 Can Be Smashed Again and Again
 Reduces Rear End Damage
 Supports 3,300 lbs
 Reduces Parking Lot Damage
 Lifetime "Crash" Warranty
 Reduces Backing Damage
 Powdercoat, Chrome or Stainless
 Reduces Frame Damage
 FREE Bumper Buffers
 "Peace Of Mind" In Traffic
 FREE Hitch Pin
 STOPS Jack-Knifed Trailers
 3M "Safety Walk" Step Pad
 Reduces Insurance Claims
 No Anti-Rattle Device Required
 Keeps Insurance Rates Down
 UV Coated Rubber For Long Life
 Reduces Workman's Comp Claims
 Proven To Take A Hit
 STOPS Lousy Parallel Parkers

 Product Reviews From:

Usually Ships within 24 to 48 hours.


  67 More Reasons Auto Body Shops 'Hate Our Guts'

Jeff:  I just want to say thanks to an outstanding product!

I got this Sparebumper since I travel with working dogs quite often; I thought it could be additional protection to my truck and dogs.  Well, about 0830 the 10th of September, I was traveling around 25MPH approaching a red light, when from behind me a Toyota Camry hit me (Ram 1500) traveling in excess of 45MPH. 

Other than my coffee being spilled and the damage to the spare bumper, I for one wasn’t hurt at all and not a scratch on the truck!  What was interesting, there was very little damage to the other car.

This guy was lighting a cigarette and texting when he looked up hit me immediately!  Again, thank you for your product; it is a very valuable piece of equipment!  Mr. Jody B. Butler - Raeford, NC

FACT:  80% Of All Rear End Collisions Are Caused By Distracted Drivers.

Hey Jeff, Yesterday I pulled the 'Sparebumper' off the Ridgeline - I wanted to hit it with a fresh coat of paint.  That bumper has taken so many hits for me - mostly low speed parallel parking rubs, and it bears its scars proudly until I re-spray it from time to time and it turns up like new!

About 3 months ago I was rear-ended (it was low speed) by an old lady in a monstrous Cadillac sedan. No damage to me at all - it was nice to not worry about anything. Who knows what my bumper would have looked like without my Sparebumper though…It’s paid for itself so many times.

Great product - just thought I would drop you a line to tell you being I recently had it off for some well-deserved maintenance! - Rick

FACT:  The National Average To Fix A Bumper Cover is $450.  To Replace It $950...

 Jeff: "Believe it or not, my wife was rear ended in her college parking lot three days after the installation!!!  It worked like a charm.  The guy that hit her wanted to know where she got it because he didn't cause any damage to her car with the Superbumper installed."  Fred and Jill Moss

FACT:  When You're Hit From The Rear, The Occupants In Your Vehicle Accelerate To 2.5 Times That Of The Bullet Vehicle.  A 10 mph Impact Sends YOU Forward At 25 MPH...

 From the Chevy Trail Blazer and GMC Envoy Forum

"Ok...so check this out.  Yesterday I was driving by a local high school, which happened to be getting out, and I was stopped at a light in front of it and I got rear ended by some high school 16 year old...but I was fine because I had one of these things in my trailer hitch - It's called a Superbumper, well actually I have the Sparebumper which absorbed all the impact from the car that hit.

A while back I was looking for a hitch step, since I probably won't ever tow anything with my TB (Trail Blazer), and I thought this thing was a good idea so I got it.  Thank god the kid that hit me was fine, the thing dented his front though, and of course my car was completely fine...so yeah GET ONE!  You never know.  And for the guys that do a lot of towing they have a model that has a ball hitch on it."

This is probably going to sound like the guy is paying me to say this but I swear by the thing now!  Brent Salazar

FACT:  The Rear End Collision Accounts For 32.1% Of All Fleet Injuries

Hi Jeff,  After having my E350 washed, I noticed a considerably large (3 inch tall & 4 inch long) blue paint streak on my Superbumper.  This probably happened when someone in a blue vehicle was trying to park or exit.  I'm certainly glad that I had installed the Superbumper since it most likely saved both my electrical trailer connection as well as some of my back-up sensors in the rear bumper.  You have a great product.  

John Bode - Eden Prairie, MN

FACT:  Women And Children Are 2 Times More Likely To Get Whiplash As A Man...Their  Necks Are Not As Strong.

Hi Jeff, I installed the chrome Superbumper on Sunday and my wife was rear ended on Tuesday.  She was hit by a Honda Accord and the Superbumper suffered only a few small scratches to the finish and the black skid pads.  The Honda Headlight and left front bumper were smashed!  Yesterday two co-workers told me they were going to order some for their trucks. 

Regards, Tim Haggerty, The Woodlands, TX

FACT:  48% Of The Drivers That Hit You In The Rear Are Not Even Slowing Down...78.1% Do Absolutely Nothing To Avoid The Crash.

Hi Jeff - Yesterday somebody rear ended me while I was stopped. 

No damage to the (Honda) Ridgeline, but the Superbumper is ruined.  I certainly would have had significant damage to the rear bumper otherwise.  I'd say she was going at least 10 mph because there were no sounds of last minute braking and she told me that she was "watching the rain in the distance."  In reality, I would not be surprised if she was pushing 20 mph. 

Thanks for sending me a new Superbumper (lifetime crash warranty).  Dan Graubert, NH

FACT:  After Your Rear End Collision You'll Spend: 35 Minutes At The Scene Filling Out Reports; 78 Minutes Filling Out Reports After The Scene; 4 Hours Getting Repair Estimates:  The Average Time Without Your Vehicle - 2 Days.

Dear Mr. Mohr, I'm writing this testimonial as to the quality of your product.

One day, on the way back from the Ridgewood , NJ inspection station, I came to a stop sign on the intersecting main street.  When I came to a stop in my Ford Excursion, I felt a BIG BANG on the back of my truck.  To my surprise, someone ran up to my window and started screaming at me that I had stopped too suddenly.

Fortunately the car behind this person was an on duty Ridgewood policeman.  The lady tried to tell the policeman that I came to a complete stop at the stop sign and she was too far from the break pedal - as it was her husband's car.  The policeman advised her that it was her responsibility to adjust the seat before driving off in the car from home.

When I went to the rear of my truck to check the damage with the policeman, I only observed a tiny nick on the ball of the SUPERBUMPER.  Your product saved my vehicle extensive damage!  Unlike the Lexus which had to be towed home.

Your product is superior and extremely good looking.  Good luck in the continued sale of your excellent product. Yours sincerely,  Richard Binder, Wheeling, IL

FACT:  $1,618 - Average Cost To Fix A Pickup Truck Bumper From The 5 mph "Rear Into Pole" Crash Test As Conducted By The Insurance Institute For Highway Safety - And That's In 2004 Prices...

Jeff:  I have the Sparebumper model 318 (Mercury Mountaineer pictured in the customer photos section.)  I was hit in the rear about 3 months ago…No damage to my truck or the Sparebumper

The other driver had to call for a tow with front bumper damage and a busted radiator and oil cooler - shame on him.  Graham Blake, Brooklyn, NY

FACT:  Only Passenger Cars Have 2.5 mph Bumpers - Pickup Trucks, SUVs and Mini Vans Do Not.

Jeff, I previously purchased a Bumper Shield for my 2008 Yukon . Last winter, I had to stop abruptly on an icy freeway and the guy behind me was not able to stop.  End result: One tiny scratch on my Bumper Shield while his vehicle had to be towed away with damage to both fenders; hood, radiator, and bumper.

 Your product worked just as advertised and saved me a lot of time and expense. That is why I am purchasing a Superbumper for my Nissan Xterra.  Regards, Brian Knight - Tolland, Connecticut

FACT:  75% Of All Rear End Collisions Are Less Than 10 mph.

Hello Jeff,  I took a lot of pictures of the Superbumper on my 2004 Silverado.  I love your product.  One last thing, you can see where someone "field tested" the Superbumper; it has light scratches on the top and on the ball. Parallel parking by the "Braille method" to use your words!  Ed Skains - Ventura, CA

FACT:  94% Of All Rear End Collisions Occur On Straight Roads.

I have a Honda Ridgeline and got nailed in the rear last week.  Nothing happened to my bumper but the other car took a beating.   My first Ridgeline would have needed a new bumper :)...worked perfectly!   David Perry - Key West, Florida

FACT:  On Average, Your Insurance Will Rise 40% If You Make A Claim.

Last week my wife was in a supermarket parking lot in Pahrump, NV, stationary, waiting for a car ahead to pull out of a parking space, in our '07 Dodge Ram 3500 with Superbumper.

A teenaged female cell phone operator, who was incidentally behind the wheel of a late-model Honda Civic, failed to see the large red truck in front of her and impaled the left headlight assembly on the Superbumper at a very low speed.  Consequences?  Some of the dust knocked off the Superbumper, No scratches in the chrome.

For her? Loss of driving privileges, loss of income, loss of savings (paying for a new headlight), and death (as in "My daddy's going to KILL me!).  The collision would certainly have at least scratched or dented the Dodge rear bumper had it not been for the Superbumper.  Thanks!   Ken Smith

FACT:  80% Of All Bumper Scratches Occur During Parking.

Jeff - A SECOND product testimonial.

Yesterday my wife was loading groceries into our Dodge Ram 3500 (with Superbumper) in a Costco parking lot in Las Vegas, when an idiot female, using a cell phone, made a direct hit on the Superbumper with her PT Cruiser.

The only injury was to the little car, which had to be towed away. Not even a scratch on the bumper. At least one of the highly entertained onlookers plans to get a Superbumper for his pickup.  Ken Smith

FACT:  56% Of All Rear End Collisions Are DIRECT HITS!

There are two scratches on my Superbumper, one received just this week when a kid in a Corolla didn't hit his brakes as fully as he should have.   The tap was actually kinda minor, and my truck has zero damage, but his front bumper, license plate, and some of his grille incurred a good whack.

This thing paid for itself in that instance.  Axxkicker - F150 Forum

Dear Jeff, THANK YOU!  My wife was involved in a rear end collision yesterday and the "Spare Bumper" we had installed last year saved her and my daughters from serious injury.  They were at a stop sign waiting to turn onto a highway when a Dodge Caravan, unable to stop on the ice covered road, slid into them. 

The Dodge probably impacted at 15-20 MPH and thanks to the "SpareBumper" saved major damage to our Chevy Suburban (after final analysis the Suburban had NO damage) not to mention personal injury.  The driver of the Caravan was also not injured but her vehicle sustained considerable front end damage and was dead on the road.  Fire department and paramedic crews responded to the accident and they all could not believe how the "Spare Bumper" worked to decrease damage and possible injuries to the occupants of both vehicles.

I would like to extend my deepest appreciation to you for developing and bringing this technology to market as it has undoubtedly saved my family and the other driver from serious personal injury.  Darren & Tracy Thomas, Rocky View, Alberta, Canada


Now the Superbumper testimonials.... Have had three people literally go under the Jeep and just meet the gas tank armor, my body shop loved us so found this thing on another vehicle forum and gave it a shot. The Liberty since had a parking lot incident where an old F-150 backed up on us and the Superbumper took nothing but a little corner scrape and the truck's rear bumper had a nice cylinder-end ding an inch deep. Her new SUV got a dinger on the Superbumper at a drive-thru entrance which took out a kid's Mazda's cowl and rad bottom so not a scratch yet on the new car. They're pretty solid steel, a quick rub of emery paper on the impact spot and a squirt of gloss black and they're back to new.

Incidentally, it makes for a really good hitch step with the grip strip about where it should be to get up on the roof to get at racks or clean off guano...Huntbuggy - Taken from Jeep JK forum.


"I have so far been hit twice in the rear in traffic, the first time by a mini van, I suffered a scratch on the Superbumper (oh well) the mini van feared much worse and had to be towed away needing a new radiator.  The second time in a parking lot the vehicle opposite reversed straight into the back of my truck and no damage again.
If you are looking for something to protect the rear of your truck this is the bar you want and if it’s damaged in an accident send it back with a copy of the police report and they send you a new one you cant get better than that."   Taken from Buzzillions...


"This is my forth rear-ender in 2 years and the first with the Superbumper.  Notice coolant under the Audi.  I felt bad about that.     James Stack, Atlanta, GA

...these things work.  I had one on my Bronco when I got rear ended and my truck was basically untouched and theirs had a ruptured radiator and the bumper was on the ground.  RWolverineFan from the F150 Forum.


I have one and love it.  The third day I had it on some ****** hit the rear of my Toyota 4-Runner in the parking lot smashing his fiberglass bumper and causing no damage to mine.  From the Toyota 4-Runner . org forum.


Mr. Mohr:  I am very pleased with my Superbumper.  I received it as a gift from my in-laws and it has worked flawlessly on my 2006 Toyota Tundra Double cab.  I took a rear hit at about 5-8 mph from a lady in a small Honda Accord.  I had no damage and she had slight front damage.  The bumper took most of the energy from the impact, I barely felt the hit.  Thanks for making a great product.  Frank Celentano, Staten Island, NY


Jeff, I was recently in stop and go traffic along a very busy 4 lane road on my way home from work one night.  All of a sudden, as I was at a stopping point, smash!  The car behind me plowed into my rear within seconds and no time to react.  It hit me so hard my sunroof shade slid closed!  After the initial shock, I get out of my Tundra truck with the dreaded feeling of how much damage will I see on my bumper and knowing an insurance claim will raise my rate even though this was not my fault.

Well to my amazement and relief not a scratch on my bumper even though the guy who hit me had his entire car hood buckle in and destroyed his front end.  The Superbumper I bought to protect my vehicle not only saved me $1,250 or more in auto body repair it also absorbed a lot of the impact due to the spring loaded action.

Unfortunately the Superbumper did not escape unscathed as it was hit so hard it twisted on an angle but I called Jeff for a replacement not realizing the lifetime warranty on the bumper.  He explained the warranty and a new one is on the way at no cost to me!

It's a no brainer for anyone with a hitch receiver to spend the money on a Superbumper for these inevitable accidents!!  The Superbumper saved my rear end, not a scratch on the truck.  Thank you for such a fantastic product and warranty.  Frank Richards, Bensalem, PA


Jeff, Just want to let you know that the Superbumper has paid for itself already.  I backed into a 4X4 post (stop sign) making a hurried turn around to go in the opposite direction.

Man that bumper is so solid it snapped the post right in two.  Kind of put a hurting on the Superbumper though, but sure saved the rear of my truck.   Wes Bowling , Fairfax, VA


Jeff:  I'd like to let you know it was not on my truck (Nissan Titan) 4 days and some &%$#  hit me.  Thanks for saving my bumper (with sensors).  Chris Abela, East Rockway, NY

Jeff, it finally happened... I got rear-ended as I was afraid would happen driving around in San Antonio.  I came up to my last turn on a busy street before getting home after a long day at work.  Traffic flying around like normal... I checked in my rear-view mirror and didn't see anything out of the ordinary, and the second I looked away I heard a "CRUNCH" from behind me... someone had hit the car behind me... and that car was still going forward. 

They were likely going between 10-15 mph and I thought, "Here we go..." I waited, and the impact came... just a tiny nudge.  I got out and inspected the damage and my Superbumper was sunk into the grill of the silver car that hit me.

The results:  No damage to my truck and only a couple of scuffs on the Superbumper.  No personal physical harm.  The silver car had front and rear damage, but it was drivable.  The driver and passenger almost certainly had whiplash due to their complaints of neck and shoulder pain.

The truck that hit the car had no obvious damage.  The driver of the truck jammed his wrist on the steering wheel and found it very hard to write after a short while.

Monetary:  $200 Superbumper saved a $1000 deductible and rental car costs.  Not to mention the time, effort, and struggles to file a full insurance report, rental car costs, time without my vehicle, time on the road without Superbumper, etc.

All things considered this is one of the BEST purchases I have ever made.  On top of giving me peace of mind about the terrible tailgating problem that San Antonio has it saved me SO much time and money compared to if I had been without it that day.  The last thing I can say is, “Thank you, thank you, thank you for making such a fantastic and effective device.  It’s been my pleasure and privilege to proudly display and say great things about your product.”  Thanks again, Terry Ehrlich, San Antonio, TX

I have the Bumper Shield and have been hit twice so far. One was a hit and run in the parking lot which I witnessed while I was having dinner in the restaurant and the other was a low speed hit from a knuckle head who was looking at his watch while driving on the Belt Parkway. There was no damage at all to my 4-runner just a couple of scrapes on the Bumper Shield but I plan on respraying it soon. Both of the offending vehicles had damage to their vehicles though. Serves them right for not paying attention.  From the Toyota 4-Runner Forum

Jeff,  I've been meaning to send a testimonial to you since I was very impressed with the Superbumper's performance. 

I pulled up and stopped at an intersection and the driver behind me ran in to my Superbumper.  She was doing about 5 mph.  To be honest, I didn't quite know I was rear-ended by a car because it didn't feel like it.  It felt more like someone had bumped my truck with their shoulder rather than a car. 

We pulled off to the side of the road to check for damage, and when the other driver walked over to me, I noticed she was wearing the slipper-type shoe covers that you get from a hospital.  She apologized profusely and explained that she had just come from the doctors office who had done a minor procedure on her feet, and told her not to wear shoes for sometime after the procedure. 

She went on to explain that the “shoe cover” slippers she was wearing made her foot slip off of the brake peddle.  Although I wasn't real happy about the situation, my attitude was much better seeing that the only damage I had was very minor scratches on the Superbumper.  So minor in fact, I have to point them out for anyone to notice.  Her car had a munched grill, cracked bumper and broken license plate holder. 

I am very happy with my Superbumper (Step bumper).  Not only is it very functional for getting in the back of my truck, but it's saved me from having to work with insurance companies to get my truck repaired, which is never much fun. 

Thank you for a great product.  FYI, I'm the customer who kept dropping "subtle" hints to my girlfriend that I wanted a Superbumper for Christmas.......it worked!  Jeff Bruer

Dear Jeff, 

After shelling our $1245 to replace and paint the rear bumper on my 2004 Z71 Tahoe, I ordered your Sparebumper. 

The day after installing it, and admiring how good and beefy it looked, I was driving in the Bronx on Fordham road, which is the "Wild Wild West" of New York City driving.  A man driving a gypsy cab rear-ended me at an intersection.  Upon inspection, there was no damage to my new bumper, thanks to the Sparebumper. None.  His cab, a new Dodge caravan…not so good, with broken plastic everywhere.  As he examined the damage and scratched his head, I was amazed.  

A few weeks later there was unexpected, record October (2011) Nor’easter and I was parked on East 14th street in Manhattan when a fellow in a Ford Escape slid into the rear of my Tahoe, and for the second time in a month the Sparebumper spared the rear of any damage at all.  In fact, the driver of the Ford was so impressed with the Sparebumper and I gave him your number.  And there is no real damage to the Sparebumper either – just a few scratches, so I consider it a NYC road warrior.   

I am grateful that your product has already saved me $2,000 in repairs, and maybe a sore neck, or worse.  I am only sorry I did not order one with the towing ball because that Sparebumper is never coming off my truck, and I am going to order another one for my 1993 K–Blazer.

Thanks for such a great product, Jeff!  Mark Greenfeld

Jeff, I have received many complements on my Superbumper and one dismal complaint.  The last was from a guy whom rear ended me in a low speed parking lot encounter.  No damage to my truck or the SB but he had what looked like $2,500 worth.  Thanks for a great product.  John Saphe, Palm Coast, FL

Got A Jeep Grand Cherokee or Jeep Liberty prone to gas tank rupture and fire due to a rear end collision?  Then READ THIS!

Dear Jeff:  My Jeep Cherokee was struck squarely in the center of its Class III trailer hitch about four months ago by a Scion xB (the box) in stop and go traffic and sustained $2,000 worth of frame damage, a broken hitch and badly misaligned doors.  Personally, I had to undergo six weeks of physical therapy for neck and lower back injuries.  I am a commuter who happens to be an engineer and after this accident, I researched the internet for a product that could help me reduce personal pain and property damage should a similar accident occur in the future.

Last night I was rear ended again in the same repaired Jeep by a Honda Element in stop and go traffic going about the same speed as the Scion a few months ago.  Today I had the Jeep checked out by the body shop that repaired it a short time ago and after tirelessly looking for damage for a claim, the body shop owner found nothing.  His comment was, "that thing really worked!"  "It did its job". 

The Superbumper was bent and scratched.  My Jeep didn't even have the road salt knocked off.  The Honda that hit me had its grille and radiator taken out.  Personally, this time I slept well last night.  A little stiff today but thousands in personal injury and property damage was avoided.

I am totally amazed how two almost identical accidents with nearly the same size and weight vehicles hitting the same Jeep resulted in such different outcomes. 

Thank you Superbumper and thank you Jeff!  -  Al Wilson, Cleveland, OH

Jeff, Tonight (1/28/2012), I was rear ended by a sedan on a busy highway (Kosciuszko Bridge) in NYC.  I'm guessing It hit me at 10+mph, but felt like the light tap of an amusement bumper car. Except I didn't lurch forward, thanks to the rubber absorbing system of the Bumper Shield. Looking at the damage, my Bumper Shield had a coating of dust where the car's bumper impacted and part of their bumper broke in several pieces and fell to the ground.  It played out just like many of the testimonials on your website, zero damage to my vehicle.  I couldn't stop smiling from the results.

You've saved me at least a hour waiting for the cops to come at night and write the report and more time from having to go to the shop even if I didn't have to pay for the repairs.  I'm so glad I got it.  It just paid for itself.  Last but not least, my wife and son were in the vehicle at the time and the Bumper Shield saved them from both a physical and psychological jolt.

A Super satisfied customer,  G. Chung, New York, NY

Hi Jeff – I’ve had my Superbumper on my Honda Pilot for several years.  It’s worth was just made known to me as I was in fairly heavy traffic and got rear-ended at about 20mph by the guy behind me who was texting while driving.  He hit me pretty hard and we both stopped to assess the damage.

Your Superbumper prevented even one single scratch on my vehicle!  Although my neck hurt a bit from the accident, my SUV was in perfect shape (and so was the Superbumper after the crash). 

I can’t thank you enough for this product.  It really is worth its weight and price – and I’m glad I installed in on my car.  Best, Dr. Richard Levenson, NYC

Hi Jeff,

The Sparebumper works!!!  (I guess you already knew that).  I am grateful for the quality product that the Sparebumper represents.  This afternoon, I was rear ended by an inattentive/impatient driver who was in a hurry.  The Sparebumper took on the impact and saved my truck.  No damage to my truck.  Without the Sparebumper, I would have been looking at a new bumper and a new or repaired tailgate.  My fiberglass ARE tonneau cover likely would have been damaged as well.  The spare bumper also "Spared" me the time, hassle, and possible expense of an insurance claim.  I've only owned the Sparebumper for a few months and already it has paid for itself.   Thanks for making such as quality product.     Mike Kelly, MN

Jeff:  With all the aftermarket equipment that is advertised for SUV's the Superbumper was the best purchase I could have ever made for my  SUV. 

Upon returning to my vehicle after some time at a local flea market I saw that someone had driven into the rear of my SUV.  It must have been at a good speed because the Superbumper was dented and bent on the right side and pushed in.  I can only imagine the damage that would have occurred to my SUV's rear end if the Superbumper were not there to protect it.  As you know, the bumpers on many late model SUV's are basically plastic and would have folded in like a accordion.  I am sure the rear tailgate would have also sustained significant damage. 

By purchasing the Superbumper, it saved me an insurance claim and my deductible.  It was an excellent purchase for the price. 

I will never drive my vehicle without a Superbumper protecting my rear.  Congratulations on producing an excellent product that really works.  Sincerely, Mario Bucci, Margate, FL.

JeffI've had your bumper for about a month.  I bought it because I thought it looked good.  I never thought I would need it.  Last night I was in bumper to bumper traffic when I was hit from behind; my Jeep sustained a minor dent but her car was toast.  The Sparebumper took the impact and stopped the car before it caused major damage.  Your product worked perfectly.  You may use the photos I sent you to show how well it works.  You have a great product.  John Schiesser, NY

Jeff: I was on the way to pick up my son from school. It recently started to rain and the road that I was on was asphalt. The traffic in front of me stopped suddenly as I heard a terrible screech. I braced myself for impact. The impact was a lot softer than expected. The Safe "T" Tri-Ball mount did it's job by absorbing the energy; minivan's (vehicle that rear ended me) front license was not pretty. There was no damage to my vehicle. The product worked as promised.  The product is awesome.  Richard Kim

"I was rear-ended, at a stop light nearly 2 months after mounting the hitch (Safe "T" Tri-Ball Mount).  There was no damage to my truck and I didn't feel a thing.  Ed Sabback, NC

Hello Jeff, Today, around 1:00 pm a Ford Taurus hit  the Superbumper at about 10 MPH or so, dead on.    There was a slight jolt in the cabin, and the vehicle's front bumper was wedged about 6" or so underneath the Superbumper leaving scratches on the Super Bumper.  No police report was filed because she hit the super bumper  dead on, leaving only scratches!  Marc Nabors, AL

Jeff, Hi, I’m the guy with the blue Ford Raptor on your Facebook website.

I got rear-ended this week while driving to work. The traffic stopped suddenly in front of me, I stopped in time but could see in my rear-view I was about to get hit.  Well I did... 4 times!  The guy that hit me got hit, and so on and so on.

I got out expecting to see my tailgate messed up. No damage whatsoever to my Ford Raptor. The guy that hit me had a pushed in bumper.  When I got a chance to more closely inspect my Superbumper in the sunlight close up you can actually see the letters of the guys license plate that hit me marked in my Superbumper's paint, but absolutely no damage. 

Fantastic product, not only did it save my Raptor, but the guy that hit me is probably thankful because he doesn't have to get an insurance claim against him to fix my truck.  Regards, Chris Finnerty, Oakville , Ontario

Hello Everyone,  October 1st, 2012, around 2pm got off of an interstate waiting for a traffic light to turn green so I could merge on a highway when a mid-sized domestic vehicle struck my 2012 Tundra 4x4 at approximately 10mph. A slight thump was felt in the Tundra, and it moved slightly but enough to physically move the truck, I think the "movement" I felt was the Superbumper.

She hit square into the Superbumper and her vehicle slid about one foot under the bumper. I got out of the Tundra and looked at the damage which appeared to be only to the Superbumper. I let her move the vehicle, inspected the Superbumper and did not fill out a police report. The only apparent damage was scratches on the Superbumper.

I am guessing this collision would have caused a bit of damage to the bumper and underside of this Tundra.
This would have easily been an insurance related accident but the Superbumper deflected enough of the force to save the Tundra's bumper.

The Superbumper is on this 2012 Tundra because, after the wreck, the motto is "never again."  Marc Navors, Birmingham, AL

Jeff,I just placed a second order for one of your products.  Almost two years ago I ordered a Superbumper for my wife, was very happy with the product, and it did save her SUV from at least one parking lot accident while she was in the car with zero damage to the Superbumper.

I hadn't originally ordered one for my Jeep because the spare tire was in the way, since then I have been rear ended, got out almost unscathed while it destroyed the Explorer that hit me, but really wish that I had one of your products on when it happened since it was relatively low speed and a square hit, so I could have gotten out of it with no damage at all.  

Also, about six months ago I was telling a friend of mine about your products, he ordered one, then about a month ago he was rear ended while sitting at a light.  He came in to work the next day thanking me profusely, he must have said ten times how the Superbumper didn't have a scratch on it, but the Kia that hit him was destroyed.

Thanks, Wish I had listened to myself and ordered two the first time.  Jason Betz, NY

"It looks great on my Range Rover and it also saved my car from a lot of damage.  I was hit in the rear by a 2 ton truck in the middle of midtown while stuck in traffic.  I drove away with a cracked reflector instead of broken tail lights, dented tailgate, cracked bumper and maybe even a broken back window.  This bumper really saved me a lot of money."   

All the other pieces I see that plug into the tow hitch are more for looks than anything else.  Yours not only looks good but also serves a real purpose in protection and I will tell anyone without a doubt this product is a must have....  Ian Skeete - Bronx, NY

Jeff, I wanted to thank you for your Christmas email and to also tell you this story.

I just purchased your Bumper Shield during the week Hurricane Sandy ravaged New York. And now just about 2 months later, driving home from work in my 2007 Yukon Denali XL, at 0230am on December 30, 2012, I was rear ended. I was stopped and waiting at a red light, then suddenly I saw a car in my rearview mirror coming so fast and then a loud boom, I heard the loud sound of a crash, a slight amount of pressure on the inside of my truck and she really didn't move at all.

I got out to see the damage, and to my surprise all I suffered was some cosmetic damage and scrapes to my rear bumper and my exhaust pipes were slightly moved. The other driver I actually felt sorry for. His entire 1995 Toyota car was smashed to pieces. His hood was bent out of shape, headlights broken, radiator broken, front doors couldn't open properly and to top it off, his car couldn't start anymore. He said to me his wife distracted him and he took his eyes off the road and then smashed into me.

I want you to know Jeff, after I looked at my minor damage and the Bumper Shield, you're the first person I thought about. I literally smiled to myself and said “Thank you Jeff”. Thank you sir for making something that can protect others from rear end damage, accidents and injury. If not for your product sir, God knows what kind of damage I would have suffered from how fast the other driver was going. Not to mention how badly injured I could have been. This is a good holiday indeed Jeff. And I am thankful, FOR YOU.

Enclosed are some photos for your viewing pleasure sir. Thank you again.  Sincerely, Raul Narea Jr, Brooklyn, NY

Jeff, It was a pleasure to have spoken to you yesterday.

While parked at a local store, I came out to find that a pickup truck which was parked 2 rows behind me was sitting on my super bumper.  I can’t begin to tell you how happy I was to see that the bumper took the impact without any damage whatsoever to my Honda Pilot.  When the owner of the other vehicle came out, he admitted that he had forgotten to put his truck in park and that was the reason it rolled back.  Although the bumper got dented, it was a relief to know that there was no damage to my truck.  Dent or not, I will not drive without the Superbumper on the back of my truck; it’s not worth the risk.

I want to thank you for your excellent customer service, warranty and product. Colleen Bloem, Queens, NY

Hello Jeff, First of all, I just wanted to say that we are very gland that we got the Superbumper for both of our cars. First we got the bumper for my wife's car, she is driving Honda Pilot, and then I got a Superbumper for my Nissan Xterra. We were pleased with the look and the use of it as a step.

But we can not even tell you, how pleased we were with it, when my wife got into the rear end accident. She was hit from behind by Toyota Tundra. And let me tell you that the Superbumper saved not only her life, but the car was not damaged at all.

The Superbumper absorbed all damage, that otherwise would have destroyed the back of Honda Pilot, and absorbed the power of the hit that would have sent my wife to the hospital.

The shock absorbent burst and was ripped from the bumper, the plastic caps got ripped from the sides, the towing ball was sheered off…but the car was not damaged!!!  Thank you.   Alex Fedorov, Brooklyn, NY

Hi Jeff I really like the bumper. In fact, within a month or so of mounting it on my Jeep Liberty CRD, it was put into service.

I was stopped at a traffic light (first in line) and a guy was doing something else behind me and bumped into my rear end. No damage to anyone, he was all apologies, but - and you know the Liberties - serious damage likely would have resulted to MY car. For sure, the spare tire would have been hit, likely crunching the rear door that it's mounted on, and probably hitting the plastic "bumper" Chrysler puts on it. So, I figure it has saved me the cost of buying it already.  Terry Clopper, ME
Hi Jeff, so far it has protected me - from me.  I have backed into a light standard and a tree. No damage to either the Superbumper or my truck.  Thanks, Ron Farr, TX

Jeff:  I purchased the Super Bumper soon after purchasing a new SUV.  Two days ago I was hit from the rear by an apparently inattentive taxi driver.  I saw his approaching vehicle but I was boxed in by other vehicles and not able to move out of his way.  Luckily enough the Super Bumper took the brunt of the impact leaving my vehicle without a blemish.  I really can't say enough how well the Super Bumper performed.  Awesome product.  Thanks again.  Eustace Burke, St Albans, NY

Just wanted to thank you for your excellent bumper! I ordered the Superbumper last year for a 2011 Ford Ranger. Tonight a visitor lost control of their car and hit the rear of the Ranger--hard. Although they damaged their radiator and likely did several $1000's worth of damage to their car, the Ranger came through unscathed--the Superbumper completely saved the bodywork on the truck, and even the Superbumper itself had only a few marks in the powdercoating!! 
You make a top quality, excellent product--hope you make a FORTUNE selling these!!!!!
All the best from a very satisfied customer…  Brad Pender,
Columbia, SC


About 9 months ago we purchased your Superbumpers for a Ford Excursion and a Ford 150. Within a week the Ford 150 was struck in a parking lot by an elderly person “who could not make the turn” and struck the Superbumper which in turn saved the Ford bumper and tailgate from extensive damage. This would have damaged the backup sensors, backup camera and would have required time in the body shop. Just recently we were picking up one of our ambulances from a Ford dealership and backed out of the spot and experienced a similar incident occurred! The bumper was saved, the backup sensors and camera were saved and it saved us the embarrassment for going back into the Ford dealership for body work!

Your product has saved this Ford 150 twice now and we would like to let everyone know the Superbumper is worth its weight in gold, the truck would be naked without it, it adds a huge dimension of safety and convenience along with the step up to an otherwise rugged vehicle.

Scott Story, Rockport Harbor Department

Jeff, Love your Superbumper!!! It has saved me 3 bumpers (that I know of) on my Ford 250 truck. 1st my fault - backed into concrete pillar and really creamed it! Next 2, I was hit from behind that would have my damaged truck bumper. I'm ordering some buffers for front license plate, as just discovered one broken off with no damage to me! Thanks for a great product! I have recommended these to many people. I hope they were smart enough to buy. Robert Hall, College Station,TX

Jeff, I wanted to let you know that your Superbumper did its job! I was parked far away from other vehicles at a service area on the highway. I came out to find a good size dent in my Superbumper.  Thankfully my 2013 Ford F-150 received no damage! Great product!  Thanks—Jeff Durham, MA

Hi Jeff, Your email is timely.  Would you believe that just today (9/14/13) your SuperBumper saved my 2006 Land Cruiser from rear end damage?  I've only had it a few months.

I was sitting at a stop light, a new BMW 3-series behind me.  The driver saw the turn arrow light up (we were in the straight lane) and he floored it without thinking.  I was stopped ... before I could process a thought, I had bottled water all over the inside of my windshield and there was a huge "boom"!

The boom was so loud I thought my engine had exploded, or someone had shot a rifle.  After a second, I processed the water on my windshield, put it in park, and got out to see the damage.

Much to my pleasure, there was ABSOLUTELY NO DAMAGE to the rear bumper of my Land Cruiser at all ... saving me a police report, insurance haggling, and ruining / wasting a beautiful Saturday afternoon.

He hit me straight on about 10 to 15 MPH (floored it with maybe a 5 ft running start).  No damage, everything works great.  Since I was taking a picture of the car anyway, you now have a picture for your web site.  All the photos are RIGHT AFTER the accident -- you can even see the faint imprint of his blue license plate lettering forever imprinted on my Super Bumper.  :)

You really nailed it with this product.  I hope it makes you rich!  Thanks and kind regards,

 AD, California

Hello Jeff, I want to commend you on your wonderful products.

I was involved in a rear end collision two days ago.  I was at a complete stop waiting to turn right when I felt a severe impact to my rear end.  I stepped out of my 2011 Dodge Ram 1500 pickup.  I first saw the car that hit me.  The damage to her front end was extensive.  I feared the worst before I turned around to inspect my truck.  Much to my surprise the only damage was to my Superbumper.

Thank you for your wonderful product.  I now will not have to endure the time and frustration of leaving my truck at a shop for a long period of time.  I won't have to worry about the quality of he work after I pick up my truck.

You have a client for life.  Steve Dee, IL

Jeff: I've had 3 'taps' so far since I bought this 18 months ago. The story of one...

A brand new Corolla was the worst... everyone was stopped ... gawking at an accident on the other side when I was hit from behind. Rear window down on my Toyota 4Runner, I heard the hit from his plate, then plastic plate housing, then his bumper…all in a split second. ... I got out to take a look at the damage. The other driver didn't even get out, cause he was kind of embarrassed as everyone else was stopped...

He asked "Any damage?"  "Not to me," I said ... and got back in my 4Runner and drove off knowing my day wasn't ruined by this guy.

Thanks and Merry Christmas - Kevin Heller, NY

Jeff:  My son was in an accident today.  He was rear ended in a chain accident on US 1 in Miami.  A landscaping truck, with a 20 foot trailer rear ended a Honda Crosstour that rear ended my Superbumper equipped Nissan Armada.  The Superbumper took the brunt of the collision with very minimum buckling of the bumper.  The Superbumper pierced the Honda's front bumper and impaled the radiator.  The main thing is that my son is fine.  The first vehicle/trailer was really moving when it hit.  The Superbumper rubber mounts died heroes.  Apparently the rubber shocks cushioned the blow and took the impact as designed.  Many thanks.  It would have been far worse without a Superbumper.  In me, you have a customer for life.  Phil Goss, FL

Jeff, Thank you!!! Two days ago while heading home from a shopping trip, we were stopped at a light and rear-ended by someone we suspect was talking on their cell phone. As you can see from the pictures, not even a scratch on our truck!!! Jeff, we can't thank you enough for your product! It certainly saved us a lot of time, trouble and money. Our truck has back-up sensors, trailer connections, and a rear camera mounted near the bumper...I can only guess what the replacement cost for all that would have amounted to! We have so many people ask us about your product after they see it on our truck, now I can say with confidence how well it works...and believe me I will! 

Thank you,
Bruce Farquharson
, MI

I was rear ended by a Cadillac STS 2014 at a dead stand still on the Long Island Expressway this morning (6.24.14).  NYPD estimated the car was going around 25 to 30 mph based on the damage to her car.  Her entire front end including the bumper was on the gound.  ZERO damage to my Honda Ridgeline.  I was asked by 12 different officers including the tow truck driver how to get info on the Superbumper.  Jeff offered to send me replacement spacers that broke; he's a real stand up guy with a SOLID PRODUCT.  Derrick Underwood, NY

Jeff:  I was rear ended this morning (12.1.14) on the way to work in San Antonio.  I got hit by a stock F150 going about 20 mph while I was waiting in a left turn lane.  I'm just fine and my F350 is perfectly fine too thanks to your product - which I have on two other trucks and then the Bumper Shield on another.  The guy that rear-ended me is going to buy one too.  Josh - TX

Hi Jeff, After I installed the Superbumper, about two months later I was rear ended. From the impact, noise and the 'feel' I was guessing it was a good 15 to 18 mph impact. I had to make a hard brake so that I didn't rear end the guy ahead of me, but the lady behind me didn't have enough braking distance so she ended up rear ending me.

Thanks to the Superbumper there was not even a scratch in my vehicle.  Since the Superbumper took all the impact, I didn't bother calling the police since it was her fault and there was no damage done to my car.

So thanks to you Superbumper, it saved me the money which I would have spent fixing my rear bumper and the time which I would have spent with the cops and also the increased insurance premium.  Thanks....Sama, Hamtramck, MI

Jeff:  Good Morning.  Yesterday I was rear-ended.  Yep, you guessed it.  No damage to my truck.  I am so glad that I have one on each of my vehicles.  Thank you so much Jeff.  Richard Best

Jeff:  I just wanted to say thank you for making a great product. I have been rear ended twice without the Superbumper before I decided it was worth a shot. I am glad I did. On my way into work this morning (6.2.15) I was rear ended sitting at a light and it felt more like someone got out and pushed on the truck. I tried to pull over to check everything out and the driver that hit me took off onto the highway. Without your product I would have had to pay out at least the cost of the Superbumper in damages but instead the only damage was a small scratch on the Superbumper. I will defiantly be telling everyone they need to get one.  Thank you!  Kyle P

Jeff, I wanted to send you a note of a rear end accident I was in this afternoon (8.14.15) on Sunrise Highway. I was in my 2013 Ram 1500 pickup at a red light when I was rear ended by a silver Nissan Murano.

The Murano was going about 20 mph on impact.  The Superbumper took the brunt of the impact with no damage to the truck bumper at all.  Neither driver sustained any injuries.

Thank you for providing such an outstanding product. I would never be in my truck without it.  Best Regards, Joe, NY

Jeff, I was on the highway going to Manhattan - quite a bit of traffic, stop and go when I'm at a stand still position and a minivan rear ends me.  He must have been going 15-20 miles per hour, very reckless driver must have kept his eyes away from the road because he hit me hard.  Being on the highway I cautiously came out to inspect my car and saw that it was good.  Thank you Jeff.

What Works and What Doesn't
According to the Insurance Institute For Highway Safety, for a bumper to work effectively, you need overhang (get it away from the expensive stuff), a strong enough bumper beam and something to absorb the crash energy.
"After tirelessly looking for a claim, my body shop found nothing.  My Jeep sustained zero damage.  I am totally amazed how two vehicles of the same size and weight hitting the same Jeep resulted in such different outcomes"  Al Wilson, Engineer, Cleveland, OH

"I feel a sense of security behind me I've never felt before.  It's almost about the same as having an insurance policy.  It's just a great product."  Fred Myers, Florence, AL

"If you value your bumper, frame, back and neck...get one."  Eric Ball, VT

"I really can't imagine owing a pickup truck or SUV without one."  Phil Goss, Coral Gables, FL

For Our RV Friends...

Jeff, The bumper arrived yesterday (thanks for the fast shipping) and I immediately installed it on my motorhome.  On most diesel motorhomes the rear end caps are made of fiberglass and easily damaged if they are bumped much less a rear end collision which could drive metal and fiberglass into the engine compartment.  My motorhome has a large and very expensive radiator sitting right in front of the aluminum rear grill so that even a minor rear end collision would certainly result in thousands of dollars in damage.  A friend of mine has a $200K diesel motorhome which was parked next to his business, a lawn maintenance truck with a trailer backed into his motorhome at a very slow speed and the repairs cost him over two thousand dollars.  I am going to show him my new bumper and I'm sure you will make another sale.  Thanks for this great product!       Gerry Poole - Sarasota, Fl.

Bought my 2nd bumper for my 38 foot 5th wheel RV...Looks great and sure protects the back of a R.V.  More trailers and 5th wheels should have this bumper.  Frank Wetelainen, Dryden, Ontario, CANADA

Keep CarFax® Out Of Your Wallet... Years ago your body shop didn't need to report your vehicle had been in an accident.  Not so today.  To keep your resale value - keep your vehicle out of the body shop.
A Big Bumper Problem

Unlike passenger cars, pickup trucks, SUVs and mini vans are not required to have energy absorbing bumpers.  They fall under the category of "trucks" and are not required by the Federal Government.  The average bumper cover costs $450 to repair and $950 if you need to replace it.  Flimsy chrome bumpers cost over $1,000 or more...and you pay the price.
States & Cities To Avoid...
As of 2007, here are the 9 States With The Highest Percentage of Uninsured Drivers...if they hit you, they won't pay at all (and the average insurance rate will rise 40% if you have to make a claim):  New Mexico 29%, Mississippi 28%, Alabama 26%, Oklahoma 24%, Florida 23%, Tennessee 20%, California 18%, Arizona 18% and Michigan at 17%.  As of 2011, here are the 10 Most Congested Cities:  Washington DC, LA, San Francisco, New York, Boston, Houston, Atlanta, Chicago, Philadelphia and Seattle.  As of 2013 here are the 10 States With The Worst Drivers:  10.North Dakota  9.Montana  7.North Carolina (tie)  7.Missouri (tie) 6.Florida 5.Alabama 4.Texas 3.Mississippi 2.South Carolina and the state with the worst drivers:  Louisiana

Texting Adults...
55% of young adult drivers say "it's easy to text and drive."  75% feel confident that they are "really good" at texting and driving behind the wheel.  The reality is they are all delusional...  Texting and driving has now become the leading cause of young driver deaths... even surpassed drinking and driving! If you think they'll never hit you in the rear - then you're delusional.